Status of the SOC industry and standardization

Quality assurance of SOC stacks with focus on degradation
M. Lang, C. Auer, T. Schneider, K. Couturier, X. Sun, S. McPhail, T. Malkow, Q. Fu and Q. Liu

Towards a Common Data Bank for Fuel Cells/Electrolyzers Test Procedures and Protocols (Handbook of Experiments)
D. Vladikova, Z.Stoynov, M. Pandev and B. Burdin

Degradation mechanisms and advanced characterization and testing

SOFC Degradation Issues:Lessons Learned from FCH-JU Endurance
A.Nakaj, F. Greco, S. Joris, P. Burdet, S. Diethelm, M. Bianco and J. V. Herle

Solid Oxide Cell Degradation Operated in Fuel Cell and Electrolysis Modes: A Comparative Study on Ni Agglomeration and LSCF Destabilization
M. Hubert, J. Laurencin, P. Cloetens, D. Ferreira Sanchez, S. Pylypko, M. Morales, A. Morata, B. Morel, E. Siebert and F. Lefebvre-Joud

Suitable new ceramic glass compliant sealants for SOFC stacking 
R. Spotorno, E. Fracchia, U. Dahlmann and P. Piccardo

Electrochemical Characterization of SOFC Segmented Cells 
J. Ouweltjes, P. Caliandro, Y. Antonetti and Z. Wuillemin

Degradation mechanisms and advanced characterization and testing (II)

Impact of fuel contaminants on SOFC degradation
D. Ferrero, D. Papurello, D. Drago, M. Gandiglio, A. Lanzini and M. Santarelli

Stack degradation in steam electrolysis and co-electrolysis
M. Kotisaari, O. Thomann, D. Montinaro and O. Himanen

Spatially resolved measurement of SOFC by using segmented cells
P. Szabo

Element diffusion in SOFCs: multi-technique characterization approach
M. Morales, A. Slodczyk, A. Pesce, A. Tarancón, M. Torrell, B. Ballesteros, J.M. Bassat, J. P. Ouweltjes, D. Montinaro and A. Morata

Degradation behavior in SOFC mode
M. Graziadio, F. Santoni, C. Auer, M. Lang, Q. Liu, K. Couturier, Q. Fu, X. Sun and T. Malkow

Efficient Co-Electrolyser for Efficient Renewable Energy Storage (ECo)
M. Torrell

Accelerated tests, early prediction and modelling tools

Parametrical coordinates and microsamples simulating a real SOFC stack
P. Piccardo and R. Spotorno

Advanced Electrochemical Approaches for Evaluation of Fuel Cells Durability
D. Vladikova, Z. Stoynov, J. Laurencin, D. Montinaro, B. Burdin, M. Hubert and A. Nakajo

Accelerated lifetime testing for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells – anode degradation
A. Ploner, A. Hagen and A. Hauch

Advances in model-based diagnosis for SOFC systems after FP7-DIAMOND (Diagnostic algorithm selection, design and testing) 
M.Gallo, D. Marra, C. Pianese, P. Polverino and M. Sorrentino

SOEC durability: post-analysis from a 11’000h operated short stack
G. Rinaldi, S. Diethelm, A. Nakajo, M. Cantoni, E. Oveisi, P. Burdet, Q. Fu, D.Montinaro, J. V. Herle

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