"Degradation Mechanisms in Solid Oxide Cells and Systems" Workshop | February 17, 2017 | Barcelona, SpainBarcelona Workshop

In the spirit of the FCH JU’s goal to increase the networking between projects working is similar areas, the ENDURANCE team was the initiator of the Workshop “Degradation Mechanisms in Solid Oxide Cells and Systems" which was co-organized together with four FCH JU projects - DIAMOND, SOPHIA, SOCTESQA and Eco - and held in Barcelona, Spain (February 17, 2017). It gathered high-level researchers and industrial representatives involved in the development and market introduction of solid oxide cell systems. Download the Workshop Proceedings from here.

The aim of the workshop was to provide a platform for professional discussions and exchange of expertise in one of the most challenging issues in the commercialization of SOFC: degradation and durability. Different aspects covering cell components, seals and interconnectors, as well as stacks and systems were discussed. Diverse approaches were presented: from modeling and prediction of degradation, through experimental confirmation and observations to diagnostic tools for early detection and mitigation strategies.

The Workshop Proceedings include abstracts and full presentation of the talks, divided in six thematic sections. They are available in an open access final version of ENDURANCE web site, as well as CDs for dissemination during participation of ENDURANCE members on different scientific events.

To download the entire proceedings volume, click here.

To view its contents and download articles/presentation one by one, take a look at the Table of contents.