The University of Pisa group is composed by staff of the Department of Civil and industrial Engineering (DICI). DICI is based on a multitude of cultural competences from ranging from basic science (chemistry and material science) to development, design and modeling of industrial plants. In particular, the Chemical Engineering section promotes and coordinates research activities in the fields of inorganic and organic industrial chemistry; material science; applied chemistry; principles of chemical engineering; process control; chemical reactor design; plant safety and environmental engineering; metallurgy; polymers science and biomaterials; new and renewable energy sources and, sustainable technologies.

Some of these activities are carried out in collaboration with other Italian and foreign universities; industries and private and public companies.

Within ENDURANCE, UNIPI works on the development and application of electrochemical models for cells and micro-sample behavior. It contributes at the constant monitoring and refining process of the electrochemical models during the statistical validation deriving from the micro-samples tested during the third and last step of the research (Validation Process).