The University of Genoa (UNIGE) is a teaching and research public institution, which was founded in 1933 although its history can be traced several centuries back (14th century). As of 2012, UNIGE has the following organizational structure: 22 Departments, 5 Schools, 10 Interuniversity Research and Services Centres, 2 Centres of Excellence. The University of Genoa has a strong participation both in EC Framework Programmes (over 100 projects in FP5, 92 projects in FP6 and over 100 projects currently running in FP7).

UNIGE participates with four Departments, headed by the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry (DCCI).  The Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental Engineering (DICCA), the Department of Naval, Electric, Electronic and telecommunications Engineering (DITEN) and the Department of  Physics (Difi) will be also supported by the Institute for Energetics and Interphases of the National Research Council (IENI-CNR) as third-party.

DCCI, DICCA and IENI–CNR promote since 10  years a synergic collaboration in the field of SOFC materials, particularly on microscopic phenomena involving electrodes, electrolyte and interconnects and developing own testing facilities for accurate detection of degradation.

UNIGE coordinates the ENDURANCE project and participates in testing and dissemination activities. UNIGE's activities are focused in the operation of micro-tests, statistical validation for stacks and micro-samples as well as the production of interactive software and video clip for dissemination purposes.