MARION TECHNOLOGIES is essentially dedicated to formulation, development and “tailor-made” production of nanostructured materials and ceramic powders for industrial use. Materials synthesized by “soft chemistry” point out better original and technical properties than the same materials synthesized by classical manufacturing processes. MARION TECHNOLOGIES is in charge of providing, for a specific application, a global response to a “Material” problem. The company carries out the process implementation, the development and the scaling-up.

Powders and suggested materials are specifically optimized for each application, especially ceramic powders, from simple oxides to the most complex multi-elements. There are many applications: energy/electronic, technical ceramics, charges for paints. The main sector is energy with production of powders for SOFC/PCFC.  

Within ENDURANCE, MARION TECHNOLOGIES is involved with laboratory scale powder synthesis (development) of new materials, new formulations, up-scaling, and manufacturing of powders for all partners (for stacks and interconnects).