The Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems is part of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. IEES’s core competences are: research and development of electrochemical energy sources; electrochemical materials science; nano-scaled materials, electrochemical methods, techniques and instrumentation; e-science. The activities of the institute are concentrated in two Joint Thematic Platforms: (i) Fuel Cells and Hydrogen and (ii) Batteries.

During the last 10 years, IEES has had more than 300 contracts with different institutions and firms. The Institute received the Centre of Excellence (FP 5) and the highest evaluation score in the audit from ESF and ALLEA: AAA for (i) internationally competitive work, (ii) highly relevant socio-economic impact and (iii) high prospects. 

IEES participates in ENDURANCE with the Department of Electrochemical Methods which is recognized with the development of avant-garde electrochemical testing and diagnostics methods.  IEES is involved in the development and application of high intensive accelerated degradation and failure testing and electrochemical recovery procedures (including the formulation of testing protocols) for feeding the modeling prediction tools and assessment of results. IEES is also in charge of exploitation and dissemination of project knowledge and achievements.