The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Group (Fuels and Materials Electrochemistry) led by Dr Jan Van Herle has been focusing on SOFC R&D for more than 12 years. Its particular strength is the coupling between modeling (for both design and performance) and experimental cell and stack work (validation; locally resolved measurements; components testing for model input and calibration). It has performed the optimization for several planar stack designs, and detailed modeling of degradation issues.

The Group has a long track record in EU projects (FP6-RealSOFC and FlameSOFC, COST525 & 543, FCH/JU-RobAnode, -DeSign, -SOFCLife, - SOFCOM, -TCell). 

Within ENDURANCE, EPFL operates segmented SRUs, which is a core element for local insight into high temperature SOFC operation. EPFL collaborates with HTc and CEA on SOFC degradation and failure probability modeling. EPFL will also performs short stack validation tests and prepares samples for post characterization.