ENDURANCE is a Seventh Framework Programme project under the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. It stands for "ENhanced DURability materials for Advanced stacks of New solid oxide fuel CElls".

ENDURANCE aims at developing reliable predictive models to estimate long-term (i.e. > 20 kh) performance and probability of failure of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stacks based on existing materials. This will allow the realization of stacks with extended service intervals and reduced maintenance cost with respect to the present stack technology. The extension of service life will be supported by the introduction of Early Warning Output Signals triggered counterstrategies.


  • Improve and redefine predictive models for solid oxide fuel cell stack operation
  • Reduce stack problems and failure by studying and identifying unknown phenomena in stack operation on a macro and micro scale
  • Introduce innovative and easy-to-apply solutions for extended service life of SOFC stacks


  • Compare a state of art operated stack with an operated segmented stack
  • Create a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis process with constant exchange between modelling - live parameters - post-experiment characterization
  • Isolate the earliest phenomena leading to stack problems and introduce counterstrategies triggered by these Early Warning Output Signals

Innovative approaches

  • Multiple analyses of electrochemical phenomena
  • Speeding up the tests for long-lasting operations by testing pre-aged/pre-damaged materials simulating specific component/interface at a predetermined age of the stack
  • Isolating and studying single stack interfaces in blended parameters (single or dual atmospheres with gases ratio prepared according to the specific position in a cell placed in a real stack) by using a segmented stack and a large number of test rigs
  • Simulation of the complete set of interfaces present in a stack at different environmental parameters through cycling tests (temperature from RT to OT; load from idle to WL) 


  • Improved understanding of phenomena in a stack as a whole and as a matrix of "zones" differing by environmental parameters
  • Improved stack models
  • Increased awareness of phenomena triggering failures
  • Early detection of potential failure with the related danger-rate/code

Dissemination & Education

  • A multifold approach to increase the awarness of hydrogen as an energy carrier at differing age levels
  • Development of a "serious" online game calibrated to different age levels, increasing player knowledge and awareness about fuel cells by building virtual applications of such power sources in daily life
  • Strengthening the cooperation among projects and entities working around the SOFCs world as one of the most important power sources of the near future
  • Contributing to the creation of the Hy-powered society