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From October 22nd to November 1st Genoa lived in the creative atmosphere of science, brought by the traditional Festival of Science, which ensures the same freshness and flair that would be expected from an arts or music festival. Numerous events in the whole city:  lectures, exhibitions, workshops, live demonstrations of experiments, guided tours, panel discussions, gathered people from all ages. Naturally, children and teen agers were the most enthusiastic and curious audience. The days of science ensured an excellent opportunity for the opening of ENDURANCE project dissemination tool-kit: the serious game “The Lost Colony”.

 It was presented in the “Open Laboratory” in Palazzo Ducale, where more than 100 people per day could make experiments related to the production, storage and usage of hydrogen through fuel cells and electrolyzers and then enter in the” Lost Colony”. This first, experimental part of the education in Hydrogen economy worked as an introduction to the second  part, where the visitors could play (alone or in group) with the first working  version of "The Lost Colony" The feedback of the players was important to understand how close  we are to the final target - the transfer knowledge, awareness and curiosity to the general public about Hydrogen and Fuel cells. The event was covered by the media partner Radio Babboleo.

During the Festival the Open  Laboratory worked as a total for 96 hours and ensured 1920 people  from 11 to 70 years old to fill the advantages of Hydrogen technologies and to become  fens and supporters. 

“The Lost Colony” passed its first “field test” with great success.