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DLR at Hannover Messe 2017ENDURANCE partner DLR presents cutting-edge energy research at the Hannover Messe 2017. The exhibition includes alternative fuels, low-emission gas turbines and air conditioning for electric cars.

"To ensure climate-friendly energy supply, we need solutions for the transport and heat sector beyond the energy sector," says Karsten Lemmer, DLR Executive Board Member for Energy and Transportation. "Our research on alternative drive systems, renewable fuels and sustainable storage facilities allows us to devise innovative solutions for an efficient energy system. We will thus be able to make the transport sector – which accounts for just under 20 percent of carbon dioxide emissions in Germany – more sustainable in the medium term."

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SOLIDpower awardOn Monday 26th of September, at the headquarters of Il Sole 24 Ore in Milan, ENDURANCE partner SOLIDpower was awarded as one of the best three companies in the category “Industry”. The aim of the Good Energy Award, promoted by Bernoni Grand Thornton, is to distinguish those Italian companies who expressly commit to investing in environmental awareness and sustainability.

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Energy Debate in SofiaOn April 18, 2016, Prof. Daria Vladikova from the ENDURANCE member IEES debated N.ERGHY chair Paul Lucchese on the energy challenges of our time, innovation, technological progress and alternatives, as well as the recent research developments in the field. The debate took place on the airwaves of the Bulgarian National Radio, then later on in the day at the French Cultural Institute.

From October 22nd to November 1st Genoa lived in the creative atmosphere of science, brought by the traditional Festival of Science, which ensures the same freshness and flair that would be expected from an arts or music festival. Numerous events in the whole city:  lectures, exhibitions, workshops, live demonstrations of experiments, guided tours, panel discussions, gathered people from all ages. Naturally, children and teen agers were the most enthusiastic and curious audience. The days of science ensured an excellent opportunity for the opening of ENDURANCE project dissemination tool-kit: the serious game “The Lost Colony”.

On September 14th 2015 a common workshop of the 2 FCH JU projects Diamond (Diagnosis-aided control for SOFC power systems) and ENDURANCE ( ENhanced DURability materials for Advanced stacks of New solid oxide fuel CElls ) was performed in the University of Genoa. The objective of the workshopwass to present the DIAMOND and ENDURANCE approaches and the recent projects results concerning CHP systems on stack and on system level. Both modeling and experimental approaches were presented and discussed. The participants shared experience and information beneficial for for further advancements towards the development of prognostics tools for SOFC lifetime estimation and prolongation.

The iCREATE childrens' workshops took place on May 24, 2015, the Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day. The indoor and outdoor workshops were held under beautiful sunny weather in front of and in Vivacom Art Hall, a popular venue for exhibitions, cultural happenings, and educational events in the center of Sofia.

Nearly one thousand children (ages 5-14) and parents participated together in the interactive workshops from early morning into the late afternoon. The chemistry-oriented workshops were organized by one of the ENDURANCE partners, IEES, set up around the scientific world of green energy – the energy that keeps the sky blue, the water green, the air – fresh, the prices – low.

The next Consortium Meeting of the ENDURANCE project will be held June 11-13 in Pravets, Bulgaria in conjunction with the Fifth Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry - South-East Europe (RSE-SEE5). Consortium members will have the unique opportunity to participate in the well-established RSE forum prior to the ENDURANCE meeting, exchange ideas and hold discussions with scientific and industrial experts in the field of electrochemistry and fuel cell technologies in particular.

The Pravets meeting follows two highly successful Consortium events in Genoa (April, 2014) & Bordeaux (January, 2015) and is being held at a crucial point in the project's progress. Consortium Meetings have proven to be a necessary supplement to the more frequent web meetings and have been instrumental to the discussion/analysis of results, on-the-spot training, troubleshooting of problems, and formulation of short- and mid-term action plans, fine tuned to the current and anticipated needs of the project workflow.

Managing communication, sample shipments, data collection or test records in not necessarily an easy task for European research projects with numerous partners from countries all over the EU. For this reason, ENDURANCE developed and implemented an online database program called the Book of Samples (BoS), which gives access to all research and logistic information related to the project on the fly, at any time, from anywhere.

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) is launching its first initiative on Smart Specialisation in the domain of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen technology together with the European Commission and the active support of Rhône-Alpes region.

The workshop will take place on 22 and 23 April 2015 at the Hôtel de Région in Lyon, France. It is hosted by Région Rhône-Alpes and organised in collaboration with CEA and the JRC Smart Specialization Platform, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS).

This workshop aims at bringing together those regions interested in Fuel Cells and Hydrogen as part of their Smart Specialisation Strategies and strengthening a dialog between Regions and Industry.