The “Handbook of Test Procedures and Protocols” is a collection of test procedures and protocols that were gathered, or developed and used within the ENDURANCE project.

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Currently in the field of PEM fuel cells for automotive applications an important JRC-led crosscutting activity ("Harmonization of Test Protocols") is running between several FCH JU projects. Recently similar initiative has been initiated for stationary applications where the protocols for PEMFCs are in more advanced stage. In the field of SOFC additional efforts are needed for accumulation of an information source as a base for the development of harmonized procedures. Accumulated previous experience is also needed for accelerating tests where non-reversible degradation caused by the selected performance conditions should be avoided. One of ENDURANCE’s objectives in respect to exploitation and dissemination was to accumulate existing information and to store developed project procedures for testing and characterization of SOFC.

During the project implementation data base “Handbook of Experiments (HoE)” was created in the Internal Website. It displayed a list of collected by the partners available experimental procedures/protocols sorted by upload date, uploader's name or institution, experiment and sample types. In addition to listing, the HoE gave the option to search protocols by the abovementioned parameters. The procedures and protocols developed in the frames of the project were also uploaded and shared between the partners.

At the end of the project, a selection of the accumulated information in the operating HoE was made and “Handbook of Test Procedures and Protocols” (for SOFC) was structured. It includes three main Chapters: (i) “Testing harmonized protocols” (4 protocols published by JRC); (ii) “Testing Procedures from the literature” (separated in two Sections: from Projects (14 materials) , and form Other Sources (11 Materials); (iii) ”ENDURANCE Procedures and Protocols”, which is structured in three Sections: Testing with 9 protocols, Characterization with 8 protocols and Technological Improvements with 2 protocols.

The “Handbook of Test Procedures and Protocols: is an open access project deliverable and can be downloaded from the project web site www.DURABLEPOWER.eu. There are also free of charge CDs which can be ordered from ENDURANCE coordinator (Paolo Piccardo This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).