ENDURANCE has developed a computer game to popularize fuel cells and the Hydrogen Economy.



Only once the general population is aware of the opportunities offered by the usage of renewable power sources related to hydrogen can an open market for such products come into existence. For this to happen, the awareness of the system safety must be popularized and accepted into mainstream thinking, then the advantages can be disclosed and the perspectives anticipated.

The dissemination towards the public has more general goal – to increase the public awareness of the fuel cells and hydrogen importance for sustainable and secure energy via the project achievements. Young people - pupils, students are an important targeted group. In this direction a special deliverable product has been planned with longer term impact – a clip and a video game. After the start of the project they were united in a more sophisticated product – the so called Serious Game, named “The Lost Colony”. The main target audience of "The Lost Colony" software kit constitutes teenage high school students, since they are the customers and developers of the future. They will be the first living the Hydrogen Age and shall feel their involvement to build it.

The goal of the Serious Game is to transfer knowledge related to fuel cells. Following the spirit of the game, the players jump in the year 2115 when the Earth’s energy sources are nearly depleted; therefore, humans have decided to colonize Mars where energy is produced using fuel cells - devices that use Hydrogen and Oxygen. To explore the Martian colony the gamers have to complete a series of didactic mini-games present in the 3D environment. At the end they should have learned the basics on how fuel cells and electrolyzers work and can be used.

For the moment the game is written in English and translated in Italian, Spanish French, Dutch and Bulgarian. It can be played online or downloaded from here. CDs are recorded for further dissemination.

Higher levels of the Serious Game can be further developed where the players can design original application solutions. Competitions can be organized in different EU countries and regions, starting with the FCH JU members. “The Lost Colony” can be further developed in FCH JU cross-cutting activity and transformed in attractive dissemination tool with long term impact.

"Serious Game" trailer