Only once the general population is aware of the opportunities offered by the usage of renewable power sources related to hydrogen can an open market for such products come into existence. For this to happen, the awareness of the system safety must be popularized and accepted into mainstream thinking, then the advantages can be disclosed and the perspectives anticipated. 

Therefore, the main target audience of "The Lost Colony" software kit constitutes teenage high school students and is then additionally expanded to the general public. The two age ranges taken into account are teenagers 13-20 years old and people 20-50 years of age, although the age limits are indicative rather than concrete. 

The main focus is on teenagers, since they are the customers and developers of the future. They will be the first living the Hydrogen Age and shall feel their involvement to build it.

The adults will the beta testers and very first users of the game. Their feedback on needs and expectations from the game will help edit and fine-tune the game's message/goal to make the hydrogen power sources accepted, while their submissions will allow the game writers to prepare the best matching puzzle answers and in-game explanations for the final version of the game.