The project's dissemination strategy aims to:

  • Manage internal knowledge, communication, and conference participation & publications through project-specific web tools: pool existing high-quality resources in the field, aiding the background and "state of the art" work of project members; synthesize, filter, and publish these resources together with new data arising from ENDURANCE results to appropriate target groups;
  • Implement project results into existing product lines:
  • Create an "industrial backing" through web and printed materials (audio-visual, press, publications and articles) as well as direct communication via industrial oriented forums;
  • Engage the scientific and industrial communities and improve communication with them through an event/workshop focused on failure analysis and modeling, publishing the results to a larger audience;
  • Promote and implement project results on a larger "lab-to-public" scale:
  • Engage high school students in the "fuel cell cause" through an interactive video game/contest, aiming to create a pan-European network of the "next generation" which will support and develop the Hydrogen Economy;
  • Raise overall awareness of the Hydrogen Economy benefits and the versatility, stability, and potential of fuel cell as a clean and efficient energy source.