Milestone 2 "Setting Up of BoS and HoE" targets some of the goals set in first pillar of ENDURANCE's communication and dissemination strategy - internal knowledge management and communication within the consortium. Databases with access to the consortium members were set up in order collect existing data in a virtual project "resource pool" as well as keep track of project-relevant information in an easy, detailed, and up-to-date manner. The FileMaker family of software products was used by Partner 8 (IEES) to create databases for the: 

• Book of Samples (BoS), which records each sample creation, testing and characterization analyses performed, results from all analyses, shipment, receipt, past and current locations.

• Handbook of Experiments (HoE), which stores testing procedures and protocols relevant to the project.

• Knowledge Pool (KP), which stores publications and materials relevant to the project methods, and goals. While the KP was not initially planned, the need for it arose during project implementation and it was added to the database package available to the ENDURANCE team members.

All databases are both "fed" and used by project participants, ensuring constant easy access to up-to-date information, rapid identification and communication of logistical and testing problems and their quick solution.