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The ENDURANCE consortium is developing and interactive "Serious Game" called The Lost Colony. Its goal to disseminate knowledge related to fuel cells to a wide audience ranging from teens to adults.

The original plot of the game follows the adventures of a group of teenagers in a human Martian colony around year 2115. Due to the nearly exhausted resources on planet Earth, where an excess of non renewable power sources were exploited, humankind has decided to colonize planet Mars. On Mars the energy is obtained by several systems: photovoltaics carry the light to the cave where the colony is built and are used as main renewable source, while the energy for the night is stored in batteries. The players explore a lost and forbidden part of the colony where they learn how to produce energy using oxygen and hydrogen by a fuel cell plant and how to turn the water into oxygen and hydrogen again by an electrolyzer powered by the sun.

The gamer has to explore the Martian colony and complete all didactic mini-games present in the 3D environment. At the end, the gamer should have learned the basics on how fuel cells and electrolyzers work and can be used. At the end of the game, the player submits an original fuel cell application or solution to an evaluation committee for a final reward.

The Serious Game Trailer has been released. Watch it here!